02nd Jul2012

Book Review – Dead To Me

by Lloyd Paige

Dead To Me by Cath Staincliffe


A daughter’s death

A teenage girl is found brutally murdered in her squalid flat.

A mother’s love
Her mother is devastated. She gave her child up to the care system, only to lose her again, and is convinced that the low-life boyfriend is to blame.

Two ordinary women, one extraordinary job
DC Rachel Bailey has dragged herself up from a deprived childhood and joined the Manchester Police. Rachel’s boss thinks her new recruit has bags of raw talent but straight-laced DC Janet Scott, her reluctant partner, has her doubts.
Together Scott and Bailey must hunt a killer, but a life fighting crime can be no life at all…

The Review

Cath Staincliffe is a radio playwright and a novelist. She also created the hit ITV series Blue Murder and has now given us a prequel to the popular detective show, Scott & Bailey.

Dead To Me is a TV tie in, however it offers us more than we might have expected as we get the pleasure of meeting the main characters at the beginning of their adventures together.
Set in Manchester, the story takes a gritty look at the murder of a teenage girl in a squalid flat. But it also takes a closer look at Gill Murray, Rachel Bailey, and Janet Scott too. We get to see what makes them tick and what drives them on as their lives are put under a microscope. Rachel is seen as a bit of a rough diamond having come from a tough background and is prone to taking the bull by the horns without thinking of the potential consequences first. A perfect example of this is when she decides to question the vulnerable Rosie Vaughan off her own back and the encounter turns out badly. Janet Scott – twenty five years on the job and a mother of two – doesn’t particularly wish to be paired with Rachel and who can blame her? But their DCI Gill, likes her edge, believing she has potential.

There is a strong sense of realism that Cath Staincliffe maintains throughout the book, allowing readers to feel close to the ordinary characters and relate to their woes. The individual problems they encounter, allows us to warm to the frailties of the team as they proceed with their investigations.

Dead To Me takes the reader on a journey into the lives of real characters, in real situations. Just make sure you have your seatbelt on along the way.

3 Responses to “Book Review – Dead To Me”

  • Pippa J.

    A very engrossing book by Cath Staincliffe and I agree with Lloyd, it does take the reader on a journey into the lives of real characters. I enjoyed it.

  • Kaila

    Loved this, good read and great review. Can’t wait for series 2 of Scott and Bailey to hit our TV screens.

  • Mr P James

    It’s an okay book but there’s a lot of emphasis on the relationships of the characters.