11th Feb2013

Book Review – All Fall Down

by Lloyd Paige


All Fall Down by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards


Two years on from uncovering a terrifying conspiracy of rogue scientists, all Kate Maddox wants is to

lead a normal life with her partner Paul and son Jack. But then a face from the past turns up, bringing

chilling news.A devastating new strain of the virus that killed Kate’s parents is loose in L.A. – and

when a bomb rips through a hotel killing many top scientists, it becomes clear someone will do anything

to stop a cure being found. While Paul goes on the hunt for answers, Kate finds herself in a secret

laboratory in the heart of California, desperately seeking a way to stop the contagion. But time is

running out and soon it will be too late to save their loved ones, themselves, and the world…

The Review

Louise Voss and Mark Edwards are the successful writing team behind the bestselling books Catch Your Death and Killing Cupid. They’re back again with All Fall Down, virologist Kate Maddox’s latest adventure.

There’s a dangerous virus out there, in the U.S. to be precise but it won’t be long before it spreads and if you come across it, well you’d better run. Virologist Doctor Kate Maddox is back and her life will never be the same again after a terrorist attack wipes out a group of scientists – someone out there doesn’t want a cure to be found. It’s just the beginning of course and Agent Harley soon approaches her with nothing too taxing, he just needs her helping hand in saving the world. In an effort to persuade her to come, Harley holds back the full truth and a plan to sideline Kate’s partner Paul as soon as he can, and after some deliberation, Kate decides to bring her family with her on the trip.

It isn’t long though before the virus begins to wreck havoc across the U.S. and a group of combat trained female killers add to the catastrophe and fear. Their cult welcomes the end of civilization as we know it and they’re intent on picking up the pieces of what’s left, which when you think about it wouldn’t really be much. So while they continue to cause mayhem, Kate battles to find an antidote, Paul begins his own private mission by searching for the man involved in his brother’s death, and Kate’s young son Jack, ends up going on a little adventure of his own too.

The female killers in the story are memorable not only for their violence but also for the intensity of their explicit scenes and the expansive plot will hook a lot of readers and pull them in. Louise Voss and Mark Edwards have managed to weave their big scale tale of fiction well, while maintaining a blistering pace and there are plenty of characters and situations for many to get their teeth into. Our protagonist Kate Maddox acts like a real woman and faced with incredible odds, one we can easily sympathise with and with the world at stake, one we hope wins through no matter how difficult it seems.

All Fall Down provides a big plot and a plethora of characters in a contaminated viral world, one which leads us straight into a riveting and heart stomping finale.

The All Fall Down paperback will be released on February 14th 2013 by Harper and is available on Kindle now.


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