25th Mar2013

Book Review – Killing Time In Vegas

by Lloyd Paige

Tony Black

Killing Time In Vegas by Tony Black


The City of Sin plays host to a performance-enhanced bodybuilder who loses control with bloody

consequences in Killing Time in Vegas, and an attempt to kidnap a billionaire’s daughter goes badly wrong

in The Long Drop in this second collection of original short stories by Irvine Welsh’s ‘favourite British

crime writer’, Tony Black.

Find out how a victim of high school date rape takes the ultimate revenge and explore the grisly

aftermath of a bank job with a crew who suspects one of their number has tipped off the cops.

These American-set stories are collected here for the first time in a 15,000-word anthology. Killing Time

in Vegas originally appeared in The Baddest of the Bad whilst the rest of the collection featured in The

Mammoth Book of British Mysteries, True Brit Grit, Plots With Guns and Thuglit.

The Review

Tony Black is the bestselling author of numerous crime fiction novels.

When this was sent to me I felt like a kid who’d been given the most sought after chocolate bar, then became desperate to unwrap it. These collection of American-set stories are short and snappy and get off to a pulsating start. They invite us into the lives of desperate characters crime fiction style and the thing which they all have in common is that something will inevitably go wrong.

Tony Black is skilled enough to bring the reader right into the heart of the world he’s created – we ride along and watch from a distance as these characters try to figure things out and get even. They don’t have much to lose either and let the trial and tribulations of life, along with greed, dictate their actions.

The stories hit hard with the aim of grabbing the attention from the off. Depending on your preference some may resonate more than others but as a short read, it’s a great introduction to the writing of Tony Black. If you haven’t Killed Time In Vegas yet, then what the heck are you waiting for?

1. Killing Time In Vegas. Pent up body builder Francis Jarman feels put upon then gets the chance to iron out his frustrations by settling an old score.

2. The Long Drop. Tensions run high when a death overshadows a kidnapping and those involved barely hold it together.

3. Daddy’s Girl. Jonny makes sure that fearsome criminal Patto gets his comeuppance.

4. Enough Of This Sh** Already. A drugged attack and a college girl’s pregnancy fears leads to a revenge mission.

5. Too Close To Call. In the aftermath of a bank raid there’s trust and deception issues with fatal consequences.

6. Eat Sh**. In steps Miami Mike to help out his friend Eddie. There’s a law suit and a set up, payback and then some.

7. I Want Candy. An ex cop is tempted by a life on the wrong side of the tracks until an old case pulls him back in line with surprising results.


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