07th May2014


by Lloyd Paige


The Dying Hours – Mark Billingham


Tom Thorne seems to have a nose for sniffing out wrong-doing but being back in uniform means that life isn’t what it was. As far as the deaths go no one wants to listen to his concerns when there’s a spate of elderly suicide victims, so he’s forced to go it alone and it goes without saying that he can’t trust anyone.

With a killer on the loose, Thorne decides to risk the lives of the next targets knowing it’s not going to be easy. But he doesn’t do easy and he’s going to need every ounce of cunning to see it through.

Sphere £7.99
The Son – Jo Nesbo


Nesbo brings us Sonny, a man behind bars that has become a bit of an agony uncle by listening to the confessions of fellow inmates. His plan: be a popular guy and do your time until a prisoner reveals something about his shamed father that turns his world upside down.

In an instant Sonny’s focus becomes blurred pushing him seek revenge but he has to decipher the best way to break out of prison first. We can be sure of thing, he’ll do whatever it takes.

Harvill Secker £18.99
Be Careful What You wish For by Jeffery Archer


There’s plenty here to hold your attention. Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rush to hospital after their son is involved in a car accident, Emma causes ripples by wanting to step into the shoes of departing Barrington Shipping company chairman Ross Buchannan, and when Harry and Emma’s daughter falls in love with plans to marry, surprise surprise that doesn’t run smoothly either.

There’s a bit of Dallas mixed with Dynasty sprinkled with cut throat ambition and plenty back biting to ensure that Archer’s prose and myriad of characters hold your attention.

Macmillan £20.00
Never Go Back – Lee Child


Tom Cruise may be Jack on the big screen but in the world of fiction it’s the other Jack and he’s back. We see Reacher travel to Virginia to the building of his old unit 110th MP – he used to be a soldier.

But he hasn’t arrived just to admire the décor, he’s actually there to meet commanding officer Major Susan Turner. Problem is she’s not there and Reacher’s in a fix after being accused of murder. Buckle up for this one because he faces a big test and a huge battle to get his life back.

Bantam £7.99

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