05th Jun2014

Book Review – Cry Baby

by Lloyd Paige


David Jackson, the author of a number of fabulous books featuring Callum Doyle, elected to publish this story as a Kindle e-book, read why here. The previous Callum Doyle books were published via a traditional publisher but Jackson still delivers with Cry Baby, the fourth in the Doyle series, with a crime story that doesn’t disappoint.

He brings us into the life of Erin Vogel, a person in need of help which we are privy to from the outset and what’s clear is that a crazed stranger has taken her baby. So what mother wouldn’t do anything to get their child back?

Erin’s privacy is compromised and she has to murder a lot of people in a short time.

Through an electronic device the voice of a stranger encourages and goads Erin into committing a number of horrific killings and etch a series of strange markings into the dead victims.

We don’t know who this stranger is but his presence is chilling.

Doyle begins the hunt and what Jackson does so well is to create a totally believable New York environment where the banter and everyday workings seem natural. Doyle doesn’t quite take the centre stage as you would expect because we focus a lot on Erin and the scary situation that she finds herself in. Yet he is there, amongst the chaos with memorable characters (Albert) and sharp dialogue.

Cry Baby keeps up its momentum and makes the hard things look easy.

As the time ticks by, the pressure increases on Erin to find more victims and with Doyle trying to put the puzzle together, by the latter stages I became desperate to know how it would all end.
So credit to Jackson for believing in his character enough to give him another bold adventure and deliver a cracking story too.

If you like hard working cops trying to keep peace in the Big Apple with a deranged serial killer at large, then you’ll more than enjoy Cry Baby.


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