05th Oct2014

Book Review – Scarlett Point

by Lloyd Paige


Scarlett Point is a place on an island that brings together a stranger with something to hide and a young boy seeking fulfilment. Straight away we begin to wonder about the origins of the stranger, Cutler, and hope that the boy, Luke, doesn’t come to any harm. Chris Ewan builds their relationship skilfully, while showing us the human side of Cutler and at the same time, making us believe that maybe he isn’t the monster he threatens to be.

Throughout the story Cutler appears to be uncomfortable though, even when the danger’s not apparent and then we get to meet Luke’s mother and…

Well I couldn’t possibly reveal anymore but it’s an intriguing and wonderful short story. However, after reading this I became curious. What had prompted the author to create it?

LP: Hi Chris, please tell us about Scarlett Point and how you came to write it.

CE: The IOM Arts Council are currently celebrating an Island of Culture initiative throughout 2014, where they’re trying to promote lots of events celebrating Manx culture. As part of that, I was asked to become Isle of Man Schools Writer in Residence and visit 16 primary schools to run writing exercises and help to encourage the pupils to write a Manx short story on a coastal theme.

At the same time, and to encourage the children even more, the Arts Council also commissioned me to write a story on the same theme. One of the exercises I ran in schools was to get the pupils to plan a group story about three school children finding a treasure map on Peel beach (in the west of the island). This got me thinking, and eventually triggered the idea for Scarlett Point. The story is now going to be used as a teaching resource in Manx primary schools going forwards.

Scarlett Point is available on Kindle, synopsis and link below.


SCARLETT POINT is a 6000 word short story from the bestselling author of SAFE HOUSE.

Cutler is a man with a secret, camping by the coast on the Isle of Man. Luke is a young boy hunting for

an elusive treasure from an incomplete map. Their lives collide at SCARLETT POINT in a story about

trust, redemption and how sometimes you find what you most need when you’re searching for something



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