30th Oct2014

From the Cradle – Louise Voss & Mark Edwards

by Lloyd Paige


The popular writing team of Louise Voss and Mark Edwards launched their latest book, From the Cradle, last night in the heart of London. It’s exciting times for these authors as they introduce us to Detective Inspector Patrick Lennon, with a theme that is without doubt, every parent’s worse nightmare.

As both authors stood together Louise spoke first and thanked everyone, including those from her very own West Molesey area, (and others from Northampton) that had made the trip, with a special mention to Stoke’s finest, Mel Sherratt.

Emily from Amazon also said a few words and then when Mark spoke he recalled a meeting that he and Louise had with their agent, discussing the next steps etc. They came up with the idea for this book, featuring a detective that didn’t have a name at that point,”…but we had a story and we had an outline,” he said.

What he then made abundantly clear was that they were determined not to give up after all the things they had been through over the previous year, and they were also determined to write the best book they had ever written.

As he delivered his heartfelt speech he said, ‘…normally you write it (a book) and have no idea whether it’s amazing or absolutely garbage, you just don’t know. You get to the end and you have no idea whether it’s good or not. But this one was the one, I felt and Louise felt as well that we finally cracked it. After all those hundreds and thousands of words we’ve written a great book that we can be proud of.”

After a deserved round of applause both authors went on a book signing marathon leaving a smile across the faces of those lucky enough to receive signed copies.



The first child was taken from her house.

The second from his mother’s car.

The third from her own bedroom…

When Helen and Sean Philips go out for the evening, leaving their teenage daughter babysitting little

Frankie, they have no idea that they are about to face every parent’s greatest fear.

Detective Inspector Patrick Lennon is hopeful that the three children who have been abducted in this

patch of south-west London will be returned safe and well. But when a body is found in a local park,

Lennon realizes that time is running out—and that nothing in this case is as it seems…

Blending police procedural with psychological thriller, From the Cradle will have every parent checking

that their children are safe in their beds…then checking again.

From the Cradle is available now.

Visit the Voss and Edwards website


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